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Time Travelling Toaster is an amorphous, anonymous, space-bound being that utilizes time travel to collect and mix different eras of music which attributes to the hip hop undertone, sampling and electronic themes presented. Toaster's mythology within its universe is further explored on the producer's social media outlets.

Very little is known of the origins of Time Travelling Toaster such as, gender, ethnicity, age, as all are undocumented besides the composer claiming origins to Japan.

Dark Space Construct

Between Spaces

The UV Module


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Mood: Euphoric / Uplifting

You've landed somewhere special...

Every sound that comes from me has a distinct world, an otherworldly dimension that it has come from.

Spacelists are a collection of playlists hand-selected by me that takes you, the listener, on a wonderful, colorful, lustrous adventure that fits every sound by color and mood.

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